The WPT Master Final which took place last weekend in Menorca was a big event for the brands of padel in terms of image.

Draw attention

The WPT Master Final which took place last weekend, gave us a amazing show. This tournament, which was certainly the most important of the year for the fans, was also for the brands! Indeed, in terms of image, it is for them the unmissable event of the year !

The most anticipated tournament, the tournament where the best players are present, the tournament during which the brands present the latest news for the next season ! To do this, they set up impressive advertising campaigns, with one main objective: draw attention !

Everyone obviously noticed the two-tone track which had been set up for the occasion. A novelty that made people talk among supporters: “Will this affect the game? Will the matches also be fun to watch ”etc. In the end, a very good strategy from the World Padel Tour since they managed to shed more light on the event!

The other strategies put in place by the WPT

The change of color on the track was not the only thing implemented. On the occasion of the tournament, and for only one week, the WPT changed its Instagram logo, that is to say its corporate image. At the media level, such a tournament is of capital importance!

In terms of sports advertising, the use of the back glass to make it a real ephemeral giant screen, on which promotional spots from the island of Menorca were broadcast, a detail that marks a difference between the Master Final and the others. tournaments.

mernorca master final ad

The other big change is power hear what was being said between coaches and players when changing sides.

In summary, a very clear Marketing strategy, consisting of differentiate this Final Master other tournaments of the year, positioning itself as a unique event, reaching out to all audiences, and not just with the shows provided by the players!

Bullpadel, official racquet of the tournament

The professional circuit is not the only one to have made changes during this tournament, the brands also took advantage of the event to release new lines of palas and clothing. Two brands in particular: Head Padel et Bullpadel.

The Spanish brand has launched a limited edition of one of its flagship models, the Bullpadel Paquito Navarro hack. This Hack Air Limited Edition, used by Paquito Navarro during the tournament, was the official racquet of this Menorca Master Final. Nox, official racquet of the WPT during the year, has in some ways left Bullpadel the spotlight during the competition!

bullpadel final master


Head : a remarkable campaign

Head took the opportunity to release its new models from the Alpha line, with some very different advertising spots of what we usually see, relying on its two flagship players Sanyo Gutierrez and Ariana Sanchez, who, let us remember, released their palas during the competition. We can speak of a campaign never seen in the padel, your turn to judge !

Contrary to what we usually see, i.e. a track of padel, players who perform impossible shots, phrases to extol the merits of the racket, Head Padel puts us in the situation of a meeting, which is played out in everyday life, in the parking lot of a supermarket, at the hairdresser. The final slogan completes it all: “control the game, win the match”.

The wonder of these announcements is that “POP” sound they make after each “hit”, or rather after each response in the conversation until one wins the “match”, or in this case the debate. . Control the game, win the game.

In addition to these atypical spots, Head also offered more classic videos, presenting the products well, with a very neat aesthetic.


Le World Padel Tour, Bullpadel ou Head followed different marketing and communication strategies for this end of season event, but the common point between the three is that they are all successful, very meaningful, and that they will undoubtedly have worked well with the public!


Ianiv Vodovosoff

Ianiv is Andalusian. He is passionate about padel for over 10 years but also in marketing. Compare, study, link sport to marketing, such is its niche.