Fell in advance on the Premier Padel, Agustin Silingo will very soon retire from tournaments padel professionals to be a full-time coach.

The Argentinian, who alternates between his coaching duties at Diagonal Padel Academy and tournaments, explained to our colleagues from Twenty Ten during Argentina's victory at the World Cup veteran, that this title was an opportunity to say a happy farewell: “It had been at least a year since I had so much fun on the track. I took this as the last chance to say goodbye in a happy and satisfying way to the padel. I won the last championship that I missed: now I can stop, and I have nothing to regret.”

The current 41st in the world has not yet quite finished his career since we still see him at tournaments (he was present at the Italy Major with the youngster from his academy Gustavo Nunes) and he should still hold his place in Pro Padel League in the USA with the Los Angeles Beat. But we are clearly experiencing the last moments of “La Bestia” on the slopes since, as the 40-year-old man declared to theArgentine Association of padel, he is ready to “close this chapter to be able to travel with the players to tournaments and coach them.”

Very soon, he should therefore officially announce his retirement and solely devote himself to his duties as a coach!

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