After final of Premier Padel Asunción P2, it was a slightly emotional Agustin Tapia who we found at the press conference.

The Argentinian, rarely called upon by Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto during the meeting, seemed disillusioned on several occasions. Annoyed at being put in the fridge, the “Mozart of Catamarca”, as is often the case in such a situation, was not really at ease when the ball finally came to him. Committing more mistakes than usual, Tapia, even if he was very valuable at times in the deciding set, did not bring out his best game as shown in the stats below (we also see in the last slide that Tapia looked for Galan much more than the other way around…).

In the end, it was Arturo Coello who finished the job in the heated moments, and his teammate wanted to congratulate him for that, and to apologize for his somewhat grumpy attitude: “I want to apologize to Arturo, he's a great partner. Sometimes I can't do it mentally and he takes over like the true number one that he is.” Agus' then mentioned the rivalry that is emerging between the two Spanish-Argentinian pairs: “Every match against Ale and Fede is a battle, the level is very high this season.”

Coello also highlighted the quality of the number 2 pair: “There were nights during which I did not sleep because I was thinking about the strategy to approach against Galán and Chingotto. We did a lot of work with the team. Battles like this are great for the padel, the fight for the number one spot is going to be magnificent. I hope we can continue fighting for a long time!”

Will we be entitled to a rematch between the two pairs from the start of the season this week in Argentina?

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