If Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello lost in the final of the Mar Del Plata P1 against Galan / Chingotto after having won the first set, it is partly thanks to a big lack of efficiency in the smash, with only five winning smashes out of 27 attempts. And while Arturo converted just under 25% of his attempts, Agustin did even worse with a catastrophic 1/10 (10%).

Succeeding in only one smash out of ten, for a player capable of exceeding 80% efficiency in this area during certain encounters, is clearly a major underperformance.

As you will see in the graph below, provided by our colleagues at Padel market, Tapia, despite the good results of his pair, who won four of the eight tournaments of 2024 with a total of seven finals and one semi-final, is rather inconsistent. And on top of that, we notice that his smash effectiveness has been declining for some time. A little struggling at the moment, will the native of Catamarca, who started the year very well, be able to regain his confidence this week in Chile?

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