This weekend was held on FIP Star O West Cairo, in Egypt.

Padel Magazine had the chance to speak with Amhed Gathwary, President of the Federation of Padel Egyptian. At our microphone, the latter returned to this tournament, but also to the other competitions that the country will host throughout the year.

He also confided in the “padelmania” that the country has known for more than a year as well as on this great Egyptian experience that the players are currently experiencing.

“We would like to have Egyptian players on the circuit”

This is the second tournament of the circuit FIP that we organize here in Egypt.

This year we will have 8 appointments FIP in Egyptian lands

Last month we started with a PIF “Promotion” and this time it's a FIP Star which completes the event offer that we are offering this season.

The idea of ​​offering these 8 events in our beautiful country is to be able to offer local players all types of competition because Egypt is a nation that is still very young in the padel.
This could allow them to take into account that there is still a lot to do, but also that they can take this new challenge a little more seriously.

We would like to find Egyptian players on the circuit soon.

Regarding these tournaments we mainly focus on two cities: Cairo et Alexandria.
This is where the padel exploded lately.

In June we will welcome in this same club a FIP Promise.
This meeting will be very important for us because we would like young people to start practicing this sport but also that they realize the world level so that they motivate themselves to train hard and why not to become professional.

“Today we have 200 tracks of padel"

Ahmed Gathwary returned to the “padelmania” that the country is currently experiencing.

"It is true that the Egyptian people gave an excellent welcome to the padel. We are a country that generally loves all racquet sports. Indeed, we have always had the chance to count good tennis players, but also excellent squash competitors. We also have other very specific racket sports in the country.

To give you some figures, 7 months ago we only had 50/60 leads of padel at the national level and today we can count more or less 200.

I think the padel will grow further in the country and we will put in place action plans for it to grow in a healthy way".

“There is a high level in this FIP Star”

“Listening to the players present in this competition, they seem satisfied with the level of play. We are very pleased because our priority is to make this event incredible for the participants and that their experience here in Egypt is the best possible.

I hope they will renew the experience because there will be other Star FIPs here in Egypt”.

You will have understood that Egypt is making eyes at players and seems to be gradually becoming a great future destination for pala lovers.

Watch the full interview (in Spanish) in the video below.

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