The research and development team of Bullpadel has produced an innovation that will be found in the brand's Vertex palas: theAir React Channel.

A novelty which intervenes at the level of the frame of the racket, making it more aerodynamic. The air passes through the heart of the pala through an open channel, making it possible to create one set at a time firmer, more agile and lighter.

The four arms of the racquet core structure generate a more powerful reaction and lively during quick strikes, and a better control when choosing the playing area.

An improvement that materializes both during the preparation of the stroke and the impact with the ball:

  • Preparation : the faster the pala moves in the air, the more speed it is possible to put in the ball. The arm holes allow air flow which makes the pala more aerodynamic and light.
  • Impact : thanks to the new frame formed by the four arms in the heart, the structure of the racket is firmer, which produces a better energy return to the strike, thus increasing ball speed.

We find the Air React Channel in the news Maxi Sanchez Vertex 03 but also in all the other palas of the Vertex line that we will present to you soon. For those who are more drawn to the Hack line, the New Hack of Paquito Navarro will soon be available for sale!

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