Following their victory in this second day of competition in the pre-previas of World Padel Tour Human Padel Open at 4Padel de Colomiers, Aitor Garcia (92nd) and Pedro Vera (101st) settled behind Mario Cordero's microphone for a friendly exchange.

The Spaniards looked back on their match this morning against Manuel Prado and Iago Gonzalez which they won 6/2 – 6/4 showing solid play, including four games won at the “punto de oro”.

“We want to integrate the final table”

AG "We had a good match, with a good level of play and we are very happy with this victory. We will have to give a little more this afternoon".

When asked about their expectations for this competition it is his Peter Vera who answers : “I think we are a pair that can stand up to multiple teams. Our objective if we maintain a good level of play would be to integrate the final table. What we are currently working on is our ability to maintain our concentration so that we can play at our best level”.

AG "I already had the chance to make the final draw in Miami in 2017 and in Melilla in 2019 and if I'm not mistaken I also did it in a Challenger".

PV "Yes last year we reached the main draw in all but one Challenger. Aside from Copenhagen, we've always been to previas this year".

“The average age on the WPT keeps dropping”

The native of Murcia confided in the level of play of the World Padel Tour and gave us his feelings about the very strong new pairs that arrive on the circuit every year.

PV "Each year we see younger and younger pairs landing, the average age dropping considerably. This sport is becoming even more physical than before because we have to play two games a day. You have to be ready, whether physically or mentally, to face up and be able to endure the 5 or 6 qualifying matches that await us..

Sebastien Carrasco

Fan of padel and of Spanish origin, the padel runs through my veins. Very happy to share with you my passion through the world reference of padel : Padel Magazine.