We have already talked about it, Yoan Boronad and Timéo Fonteny have decided to take charge of the Nox Future Academy in Barcelona.

To be able to continue to progress, young French people join this high-level academy, where we find players like Agustin Tapia, Leo Augsburger and Tino Libaak, under the orders of a certain Pablo Crosetti.

By leaving for Spain, Yoan and Timéo leave the Mas de Perpignan club and their coach Alain Henry. The latter wanted to mark the occasion by sending a long message coupled with a retrospective video to his two protégés.

If you don't see the link, here is the message from their trainer which he called “LA BELLE AVENTURE”


It’s passing on so that one day your students no longer need you;

It's continually seeking to progress, being curious and using all the ideas that can enrich your teaching;

It means having a responsibility for the future: the learning time invested in a move or in a game plan must be time saved for the future;

It means investing as much outside as on the pitch.

It's seeking support without imposing your own vision;


It's searching and finding with your student the technique, the style that suits them best;

It means accepting the debate, justifying a choice, confronting your certainties with reality, with figures, with results to validate them;

It's accepting that your reward will be the results, and not looking for other external recognition.


It is teaching to focus more on the level of play than on the result;

It means making failures accepted: they are sources of crucial information and steps towards success;

It helps us understand that all the investment in the world does not always offer a reward, but that the quality of the work is just as important as the quantity;

It's finding happiness in the effort and constraints of high level;

It is transmitting to your students the confidence and unconscious competence which allow the body and the mind to function in perfect harmony;

It's seeing things big, aiming high, dreaming far away, but with eyes wide open to always question yourself, evolve and improve.


Training is so many missions at once that I tried to accomplish during this two-year adventure with Yoan and Timéo. Alongside two talented, passionate and endearing young players, this experience will remain unforgettable.

Together, we achieved the objectives set and the level of play necessary to be able to bet on the future and aim for the summits.

This will involve learning professional life in Spain, land of padel. Learn a new language, change coaches, partners, opponents, get out of their comfort zone to expand their zone of confidence and skills.

What a great adventure!

I am very proud to have been a link in this chain, of this sporting project which is also a life project. Thank you to all those who have been and will continue to be part of the project, Pier (mental trainer), Rémi and François (CORE Workshop), Yannick (the coach) and above all thank you to the parents for their trust, their involvement and their sacrifices.

Thanks to Céline and Célia for supporting me (in both senses of the word) during these two intense and exciting years.

The Mas and my basket of balls will always remain open to Yoan and Timéo to return to their roots, to breathe between two tournaments, to reunite with their family. I will now be in the stands or in front of the TV as the first spectator and supporter of their success, with the certainty that by continuing to give the best of themselves, they will one day be the best.”

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