The House Padel, we saw a world like rarely on and around the slopes. There was a show with many personalities including of course the world number one Ale Galan, but also the host Cyril Hanouna, the former professional tennis players, Arnaud Di Pasquale and Arnaud Clément, the former football professionals Sylvain Wiltord and Florent Sinama-Pongolle as well as the singer-songwriter, David Marouani.

The President of the French Tennis Federation, Gilles Moretton as well as Pierre Doumayrou, Secretary General for relations with the territories (Leagues and Departmental Committees) were also present during this great celebration of the padel at the club padel Parisian.

The Wilson, Cupra and Playtomic teams participated in the party and will be the partners of Casa Padel over the next few years.

Huge advertisement for the padel

Canal +, holder of the rights of World Padel Tour and the TPMT team, the program on C8 hosted by Cyril Hanouna, regularly promote our sport.

Tonight on C8, the padel will be honoured. If Cyril Hanouna, 520th in the French ranking, confirmed that he was a player of padel very invested with victories on the French circuit in P100 and P250 and 30 tournaments of padel played over the last 12 months, we could also see part of the TPMP team at work with, in particular, Guillaume Genton and Gilles Verdez.

"We have an idea on the tactics to adopt to beat Galan / Hanouna. We will play as a team and try to play the player in orange”explains the pair of the 100% TPMP evening: Verdez / Genton.

genton vergez casa padel

A few minutes later, it's a cold shower for Guillaume and Gilles who can only see the damage. Not a single point won, but show, smiles and a great time with a lot of people at Casa Padel.

Isabelle Morini-Bosc was also present to support her comrades on the ocher track.

Note that Nicolas Pernikoff of the TPMP team was missing, another enthusiast of padel.

We also enjoyed a very warm exhibition between the coach of the Club des Pyramides, Mélissa Martin, and Ale Galan and one of the most famous pairs of the padel French: Di Pasquale / Clement.

Roland Garros: a major tournament of padel from 2022?

Admittedly, there was spectacle and show on the tracks of Casa Padel but we were also able to interview Gilles Moretton, the President of the FFT.

We will come back to this interview in more detail a little later, but we believe that there should be a great international competition of padel at Roland-Garros this year.

The president of the FFT, however, remained very cautious and for good reason: the world of padel professional has been in turmoil since the beginning of the year with the appearance of the new circuit Premier Padel (FIP/QSI), which will begin at the end of the month in Qatar.

Luca de Meo galan moretton doumeyrou sitbon escoin casa padel

It is assumed that Roland Garros could thus host a stage linked to the International Federation of Padel. What competition? The WPT or Premier Padel ? The FIP has just changed its tune in 2022. The official circuit is no longer the World Padel Tour but Premier Padel.

We could learn more about the positioning of the FFT and the confirmation of a major tournament of padel at Roland Garros within the next few weeks.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.