Our colleagues from Padel market updated their figures after P2 in Brussels, and the most effective player on the circuit is still a certain Ale Galan.

The MVP of the tournament final, who literally chained winning shots (32 of 45 in his pair), is at the top of his form. As you will see in the graph below, more than 10% of the shots played by the Madrilenian are winning shots, and less than 4% are unforced errors. It's simple, we're not doing better today on the planet padel.

By teaming up with a player as reliable as Chingotto, Ale, who does not hesitate to go for smashes very far on the right side, ensures a significant total of winning shots. But the most impressive thing is that he manages to do it with very little waste. For comparison, Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello, who are both offensive players and must therefore somehow share the winning shots, are as one might expect less prolific than Ale on the winners, but they also make more mistakes, especially Tapia.

Logically, we see that players on the left and left-handers on the right are those who make the most winning shots. Behind Galan, who is the one who does the most, we find several big guns on the circuit: Coello and Tapia as expected but also Sager, Chozas, Arroyo, and Cardona. If Paquito is not really decisive at the moment, he compensates with a very low percentage of unforced errors, comparable to those of metronomes like Chingotto and Bergamini!

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