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Ale Galan: The World padel Tour is “interested, belittling, insincere”

The About of the President of the Association of Professional Players of padel and current world number one Glan Ale, are final: the behavior of World Padel Tour goes too far.

Find the extract from the press release of the Association of Professional Players:

“The communication and behavior of the WPT over the past few days is completely consistent with his insincere, self-interested side, and tending to belittle our sport and the athletes for so many years. (…) The WPT's latest proposal responds only to its own interests”

“On the side of the association, we have worked tirelessly (…) for the interest of the players and to develop our future under the protection of the FIP (…), and under the aegis of the International Olympic Committee, and with the funding, the necessary remedies, and the knowledge that will change our sport for the well-being of players and future generations. This is how the major sports in the world are managed: they are not attached and limited only by private entities, but are adequately and professionally governed by the corresponding federation, with significant investment and top-level management. , established in the interest of the players and guaranteeing the principles of sport.”

“We can tell you that we have received a real proposal for the development of a new circuit from one of the main sports investment funds.”

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Franck Binisti