Finland’s entry list Premier Padel P2 teaches us a lot of things. We now know that Javi Garrido and Alex Ruiz will team up well.

We strongly suspected it for several days, now we are certain: Alex Ruiz and Javi Garrido will share the track from Premier Padel Finland P2. The two men registered together, just like Miguel Yanguas and Franco Stupaczuk, or Edu Alonso and Momo Gonzalez.

We therefore understand that the Malaga P1 will be the last of the Gonzalez / Ruiz pair. A tournament that will inevitably be very special for both malagueños ! The two friends will finish the second stage together in front of their audience.

Then, it will be time to meet their respective new teammates. Momo teams up with young Edu, who stands out for his ability to place the ball where he wants from the back of the court and for his strong competitive character. Together, the Spaniards will form a difficult pair to maneuver.

A little behind since the start of the season, Alex Ruiz has created a very aggressive duo with Javi Garrido. After having difficulty with a player with a similar profile, Juan Tello, will “Captain America” experience more success with the native of Córdoba?

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