We told you about it recently, Alicia Blanco is committed to Cartri for 2021, a logical choice for the 39th player of the World Padel Tour.

The player coached by Antognini iron, instructor of Team Cartri, has chosen to join the one who has been training him for 13 years now and to sign with the Portuguese origin brand: “Fer recently signed with Cartri, and he spoke highly of the brand to me straight away. From the first conversation with Antonio, I felt that I was dealing with a brand that was both very professional and with a family spirit, which immediately won me over! ”

Alba Perez Cartri Pro Team 2021

For its part, Cartri decided to bet on this 31-year-old player, who started the padel at 22 a little by chance ! After giving up tennis at 16 to focus on her studies, she started playing tennis. padel with friends, before playing tournaments in her region, then taking the plunge and embarking on a career as a professional player!

Today Alicia aims to enter the Top 20 of the World Padel Tour, and it is with an outfit and a pala Cartri that she will try to do it. However, she does not yet know which one she will use: “I'm trying them all, but I can't make up my mind, there are so many models that I like!”

Alicia Blanco, a player with a big mind on the track, who should very well embody the brand's favorite phrase: “Insist, persist, resist, without ever giving up!”.

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