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Alix Collombon: “I don't feel like I'm writing history”

The first French player Alix Collombon returns to thestory she is writing before this first final in a Challenger World Padel Tour.

“Not an end in itself”

This final is not an end in itself. I see a lot of posts around the feat and this first final for a Frenchwoman in a Challenger from World Padel Tour. Thank you for all the encouragement. But this is not an end in itself.

In this Challenger, we were several pairs to apply for the final victory.

I don't feel like I'm writing a story about padel French because I think we still have a lot to do. I may find out later.

But with Jessica, we feel that we can do great things. Lorena Rufo and Marta Talavan are players we know well. We were at 1 everywhere before this semi-final.

“Strong in approach”

I think where we were strong, it is in the approach of this game. The conditions are complicated on the spot. It is cold, there is a lot of wind. Before we got on the pitch we knew we couldn't play the best game of our lives. We were prepared for it. And that is certainly why we have been more consistent today.

“A 50-50 final”

If for our opponents, we are perhaps the favorites of the final after our victory in 2 sets against the seeded n ° 1, I can tell you that we are not approaching this match absolutely not in this way.

The levels are very close. You just have to look at our rankings to realize that it does not matter much.

For me the final is 50-50.

As a reminder, the match will be watched live on the channel Youtube of World Padel Tour.

The second ladies semi-final begins immediately.

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