It's time for the round of XNUMX first Open du World Padel Tour organized in France and it is of course the opportunity to talk to the French number 1 which will make its debut in the afternoon.

After his partner Jessica Castello, it's Alix Collombon's turn to take the microphone Padel Magazine and to give us his impressions before facing Mesa/Jensen.

“More pressure than usual”

“I feel good, I really want to play this World Padel Tour in France in front of family, friends in this beautiful city of Toulouse. I have a little more pressure than usual because I want to do well and I think it's still something positive.

We know we have a very tough game to play so we don't have much to lose. The idea of ​​course is to play a big match to play tomorrow in the round of XNUMX”

“Jensen – Mesa, a bad memory”

"I just had a session with my mental coach so it's definitely going better than this morning. Positive thinking and accepting defeat are paramount. You have to accept the situation, telling yourself that anything can happen, but always giving your all on the track. I count on the public but I would even say that my partner counts even more on the French public (laughs).

We already played against Jensen/Mesa at the beginning of the year. It's a bad memory (laughs) because we played very badly so we can say to ourselves that we can only do better today. It's a very complicated pair to play and very fit right now. They are in a state of maximum confidence following their results lately. We know they will play well, now it's up to us to find the keys to hinder them and succeed in countering them.

The last time we made a lot of mistakes, we didn't hold the rallies. It was a day off. The idea would be to make the points last, see how they react to that. With Jess when we are on our good day we know that we can go annoy a lot of pairs".

Sebastien Carrasco

Fan of padel and of Spanish origin, the padel runs through my veins. Very happy to share with you my passion through the world reference of padel : Padel Magazine.