Alix Collombon: ”One of our best games of the year“

La Lyonnaise, who last August was the first French woman to win a WPT tournament has relapsed. She who imposed herself during the WPT Alfafar Challenger, gives us a first assessment of his tournament and his feelings.

"I am doubly proud of it"

 Padel Magazine : Victory at La Nucia, victory at Alfafar. What conclusions can you draw from these two Challenger victories? 

Alix Collombon: " Very proud. I was already proud to have been able to win a Challenger, to win two I am doubly proud and doubly happy. We had a very solid tournament, we did not lose a single set, we had a high level of play throughout the competition. I believe that in the final we had a very very good level, it is surely one of our best games of the season. We also had a very good level at La Nucia and it is true that this final, everything was top! We were in the match directly, tactically it was very clear, we had prepared the match very well with our coach ” 

"The level to go into quarters, we have it"

Padel Magazine : How do you explain the blockage that remains for you to access the quarters of the WPT in Open and Master? 

Alix Collombon: ”There is a share of success in the eighths, if we have a slightly“ nice ”draw we have to take advantage of it a little more, but we did not manage to do it during the last WPT. We had just lost against Eli Amatriain and Carolina Navarro. But obviously the level to do quarterbacks we have. Yesterday we beat Marta Talavan and Lorena Rufo Ortiz, we are at 5-1 (for us) in terms of the confrontations this year against them, and it is a pair that has made the quarterfinals twice this year. We know very well that it doesn't mean much, but all the same, when you are able to beat them 2 times it shows that there is a consistency in the game. So of course the quarterfinals are always an objective. ”

Padel Magazine : How do you finally get past this quarter-mark according to you? 

Alix Collombon: “We would really like to pass this milestone, obviously we have to want it but we should not want it too much either. This is perhaps what we lacked last week in Menorca. We wanted this quarter so much and we saw a more interesting opportunity than in the previous tournaments where we had played for example Icardo and Brea who are playing really well this year. In the end we got tense and we didn't play well, especially me in this case. We want the shift, we know what we want and we continue to work for it, but neither should it become an obsession because it can become a trap… ” 

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Nasser Hoverini