ALL IN PADEL SPORTS is the new padel club of Aix-en-Provence. Located more precisely in Bouc-bel-Air, the village Decathlon, the club offers services that will make salivate more than one. Back to "el phenomeno del padel": Stéphane Massot, President of ALL IN PADEL SPORTS.

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Before talking about your club, can you tell us where does this padel passion come from?

I discover the padel there is about 9 years through a friend. I was at the time unhappy because I could not find sports corresponding to my age, well past forty, and as I had always played sports, including squash intensively and football, I had to find something else, maybe a little less physically hard.

I had the virus from the moment I tested this sport. I will not explain why because it is very classic, and as I had several projects of creations of a squash club, I decided to evolve my projects creations in squash and padel club.

To set up this club, you went through all the stages?

I took about ten years to really find the place. But once the place was found, it was necessary to validate the business plan. It has been a huge job to be up to 100%. Moreover, ALL IN PADEL SPORTS offers only padel while originally I left on squash ... What a road! From an indoor sport to an outdoor sport. But the advantage of the village Decathlon is that there are just many other sports.

How did your project start once the land was found?

Une fois l’endroit trouvé, il a fallu chercher les bons associés permettant d’apporter une assise financière et sportive performante. Pour le reste j’avais tout en magasin puisque mon travail chez Henry Leconte Padel m’offrait beaucoup d’opportunités.

Après avoir trouvé les bons associés et ficelé mon tour de table, il a fallu faire obligatoirement une démarche de dépôt de permis, même pour 4 petits courts de Padel.

At that moment, your project that takes shape evaporates ...

Indeed, everything seemed finally to go ... But it was without counting on the French administration, a plague for the project leaders.

There we enter the universe of ORWEL, in the 25ème dimension of our marvelous administrative world. So I had to apply for a development permit (a PA) that took six months to get .... A REFUSAL!

The consequences of the attitude of the administration are numerous ...

Oh yes, many.

First during this long period, we had to keep the field safe from a close entourage who wished to double me ... Fortunately I had signed a pre-contract guaranteeing exclusivity on this ground.

The shareholders decided to stop our partnership on this project for economic reasons but also because the largest French padel establishment opened at 5 km from my site. It was therefore necessary to find others.

Look for a bank when all credits had been accepted.

Iron through the caudine forks of the administration.

And yet 2015 end, things are taking place?

Everything fits in with new partners, a bank, an administration that opens its eyes ...

We finally go to the concrete ... And that's the foot! There are always unforeseen but we advance.

The VRD part went pretty well. But you have to be very careful with the soil study and the famous earthworks which has the unpleasant habit of costing a fortune and always being more important than what you have planned.

Do not forget the slab that is the skeleton of your court, and must be absolutely nickel. Finally, we must not forget access, security, waste, drainage, theft, and a good dozen other things to think about.

After the short ones, but there is better to have good glasses or rather a magnifying glass because the pitfalls are numerous with the pose, the alignment, the screws, the painting. Not to mention the lungs of our court, the grass with its famous silica sand and the pose.

So if you have managed to do all this, it is because you are a madman, a masochist, an unconscious or just a mental patient of this sport so great (incurable disease attention).

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.