On the occasion of inter-club team match who opposed the All In Padel Lyon to the Big Padel Jet Academy, Padel Magazine was able to learn a little more about the new partnership between the Lyon club and Babolat.

On site, Mario Cordero talked with Arnaud Taboni, sporting director of the club and Pierre Gadras, Tennis Promoter and Padel France at Babolat.

A logic between two Lyon companies

It is Arnaud who announced the news at Mario's microphone:

“We are starting a partnership with Babolat and we are very proud to start with them, especially since it is a company from Lyon. Everything was done to bring us together. We opened on June 9th and so far everything is going as we wish. We trust that Babolat will accompany us in our activities for as long as possible”.

Pierre Gadras adding:

"It's great to be able to accompany the All In in its development. cellwas part of a big partnership already in place in tennis in Grasse, Villeneuve d'Asque and soon in Lyon next door.

It therefore seemed obvious to us to come and sponsor the All In Padel. There's a great team and lots of other people you don't see like Déborah and Vivien. We are proud to support this club through product tests, events, tournaments, in order to allow the sport to grow a little more.

In Lyon we have very few covered pitches, the padel has developed a lot over the last few months so it is with great pleasure that we will support the club in this beautiful project.".


Land of padel at All In Lyon


Mario Cordero highlighted the fact that apart from the team competition, that same day two other tournaments were contested, a P100 H and a P250 F. A stand Babolat was present in the club.  What was the purpose of this presence ? Do players have the opportunity to test equipment during these ephemeral presences?

PG "Yes of course the goal is to allow all players to test the products (rackets, textiles, sneakers etc.) whatever their level.

Especially since the players are fond of all this information, they take pleasure in playing so it is normal that they can come and see and test the products. We want to do as many events as possible throughout the year.".

MC: Could you tell us about the development of the club? You told us that you were quite satisfied with the fill rate.

AT"Yes indeed. In terms of fill rate we always have the number of pairs that we want to have in the tournaments. On the evening and weekend slots we are full as well as on the lunch hours.

We are developing during off-peak hours, we work with universities and retired people. We also have a large base of new practitioners. And thanks to Babolat we have top-of-the-range equipment for each person and this allows us to offer an additional service”.

Watch the full video of the conversation below:


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