Discover the schedule for the first day of America vs Europe, one of the competitions of padel the most anticipated of 2021!

America vs Europe at padel, it starts today at 10:00 am, and all the matches are to be followed on Padel Television.

Here is the program of the day.

Match 1: 10:00 a.m.
Team Europe: Francisco ”Paquito” Navarro & Uri Botello

Team South America: Maxi Sanchez & Diego Ramos

Match 2: to be continued
Team Europe: Javi Ruiz & Simon Vasquez

Team South America: Agustin Tapia & Javier Valdes

Match 3: to be continued
Team Europe: Daniel Windahl & Juan Martin Diaz

Team South America: Miguel Lamperti & Pablo Lima

Match 4: to be continued
Team Europe: Bastien Blanqué & Arturo Coello

Team South America: Daniel ”Sanyo” Gutierrez & Martin Di Nenno


As a reminder, there will be four games winning one point each this Thursday and three winning two points each tomorrow. On Saturday, there will first be a meeting with four points, followed by a final one with six points. With 100 euros in prize money, the players should be particularly uplifted. There will be a show in Bastad!

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