Back to the Amex Ofina Padel Cup 2024, which brought together nearly 260 participants for a week of intense competition, from Tuesday April 23 to Sunday April 28. The finals which took place on Sunday crowned the new champions of this new tournament.

This competition, classified Grand Chelem Women and Men, attracted varied talents from different sporting backgrounds. Champions of basketball, surfing, swimming, squash and even badminton took up the challenge, thus contributing to the growth of this sport which continues to attract more and more fans. The tournament format, single-elimination with a guaranteed match for each team, added an extra dose of excitement. The players played in a B2 game format, with two sets of 6 games and a decisive point. In the event of a tie, a third set and a super 10-point tiebreaker would decide the teams.

The friendly and good-natured atmosphere was omnipresent throughout the event, with five courts of padel animated by meetings. Alongside the matches, introductions to padel as well as family activities were offered, allowing the children and families present to discover or share their passion for this sport. An incentive cash prize was also at stake, with a reward of 100 Pacific Francs for the winners, 000 for the runners-up and 60 for third place.

On the ladies' side, the duo Leilani Brothers / Edelweiss Brothers rose to first place, closely followed by Estelle Tehau and Angelina Siu in second place. Third place was taken by Heimana Chung and Maima Spiche, while Mélanie Gallier and Moana Bien-Aimé placed fourth.

Among the men, it was the duo Guillaume Baigts / Manoa Desvignes who won first place, followed by Jérémy Duchier and Cédric Minery in second place. Third place was occupied by Bruno Laitame and Kévin Pons, while Vincent Huet and Yann Chingue ranked fourth.

This first edition of the Amex Ofina Padel Cup 2024 demonstrates the growing enthusiasm for this dynamic and exciting sport.