Nothing stops him padel, not even in Portugal: indeed, Nicolau silva had the incredible idea of ​​transforming an old swimming pool into a padel !

The incredible project of Nicolau Silva

The sports complex in Santa Catarina da Serra - Leiria district - had a swimming pool but it was abandoned because of its maintenance costs which were too high for the previous owners.

No offense to Nicolau Silva who, in December 2020, decided to select this place to simply develop the project for his Cork brand. Padel !

An expansion project which also includes a new factory and 4 other padel

Nicolau Silva explains: “The pool was broken, so we widened it a bit to adapt it to the terrain. A new floor has been laid and the work has been done ”.

In the former location of the swimming pool there will also be an official store, the showroom and the sportswear equipment of the Portuguese brand. Guests can also try out Cork snowshoes here. An opening planned as soon as the pandemic allows.

Nicolau Silva also plans to create his own brand of land.

Photo source: Miguel Sampaio - Jornal de Leiria
Sylvain Barnett

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