Another moment of high tension on the bench mike yanguas et Javi Garrido at Bordeaux P2... and again, it is Garrido's service which is the subject of debate.

Already during Brussels P2, the tone had risen between the two players, concerning the commitment of Javi Garrido. Mike Yanguas notably said to his partner, during the change of ends: “My second serve is like your first”. Already in Belgium, the player on the right complained that his partner was impacting the ball too low on serve...

In Bordeaux, the same thing happened for the 2 seed of the tournament. Mike Yanguas ensures, first of all, that his commitments are won “40-0” and continues by being a little authoritarian towards his partner: “Are you going to serve high or what” ?

Obviously, the accumulation of reproaches from Mike Yanguas greatly annoyed Javi Garrido who replied, frowning: “Maybe it's me","The problem is my service?!".

The scene in question:

In any case, the Yanguas / Garrido pair did not manage to readjust this problem, since she was out, from the first roundBy Rami Moyano et Xisco Gil.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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