After the Bordeaux incident, a dragon is still making headlines this week in Rome. It is that of Victor Ruiz, who gave in to a counter-smash from the Spanish player during the meeting against Paquito Navarro et Juan lebron.

In a recent article, we spoke of an “unusual and quite rare” fact. However, once again, a strap broke in the middle of a meeting. The main victim could have been Juan LeBron, who was not far from taking a shovel in the head. If some players must sometimes dream of sending their racket at the face of the “Lobo”, this did not seem to be the case for Ruiz, who was particularly bothered by this incident.

Obviously, as the Bordeaux P2 taught us, if the strap lets go during an exchange, the point is to be replayed if it is the first time in the meeting. On the other hand, if this happens a second time, the point is lost for the pair concerned.

In the match, there was a short exchange between the referee and Paquito, probably he was not aware of this rule. In the end, the point was replayed, without discussion, as stipulated in the regulations.

In any case, this fact of play did not greatly disrupt the Wolf and Paquito , here easily qualified for the rest of the competition and will play again today, on track 1 of the Foro Italico against Ruiz / Gonzalez.

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