The director ofERA Real Estate Château-Roussillon (partner of FIP Gold Perpignan) went to the microphone of Padel Magazine during the event to tell us more about this competition. On the program in particular: its relationship with the padel as well as ERA Immobilier's future plans.

“Having an event like this at the center feels good”

Padel magazine : To see such a spectacle here in the center of Perpignan and to be associated with this event, it must be a pleasure for a player of padel like you ?

Anthony Pizzuto : “It's just magical, and we needed it for the city center. I've been at the center for years and having a sporting event like this in the center feels good! It brings people and joy”

Padel Magazine : The objective is to try to build something with the DNA team Padel Event, with why not a presence during the FIP of Canet-en-Roussillon?

Anthony Pizzuto : “I think there is a real future, and today being a partner of FIP Gold Perpignan and that of Canet would be great for us! I really hope we can be there (in Canet), in any case we are doing everything for it.

It's really a very nice event, you have to come in large numbers and I advise people to see this sport which is really great! »

Le padel, team building tool

Padel Magazine : We are going to talk about Era Immobilier. You have a really dynamic, sporty team, does the whole team play padel ?

Anthony Pizzuto : "It's true that we have three players from padel within the team, including the credit broker, Marjorie as well, and myself. We try to initiate everyone and precisely we are going to do a little activity as a team to strengthen the ties at the Central (club of padel in Perpignan). »

“You learn a lot from these great players”

Padel Magazine : Seeing this tournament up close and seeing all these players, what can we learn from them?

Anthony Pizzuto : “You learn a lot from these great players. They are young, they are lively, and it makes you want to play even more. Seeing them play teaches us the right gestures too. »

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Nasser Hoverini

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