The APT's first surprise Padel Tour Buenos Aires Masters is signed Pablo Egea and Cristian Ozan who eliminate the seeded 7.

Decidedly, Lucas Da Cunha and Joao Flores are having a complicated start to the season on the APT Padel Tower. As in Asunción, the Brazilians were eliminated in the first round. This time, it was Cristian Ozan and Pablo Egea who had a very big game to inflict a real correction on them: 6/3 6/0!

The Argentinians will face a pair that is in a completely different dynamic in the round of 6: Andres Britos and Pablo Barrera. The finalists of the Asunción Open dismissed Soliverez/Abud in two sets: 2/7 6/XNUMX.

To discover all the results of Tuesday, it happens HERE.

Find the video summary of the first day just below:

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