The very first tournament padel history professional on South African soil has started and there have been no surprises so far.

After a spectacular Monaco Master, the APT players headed to Cape Town, South Africa. And among the pairs that started in sixteenths, the most experienced are already in good shape.

Indeed, we saw victories in two sets for Allemandi/Torre, Aguirre/Chozas and Gutierrez/Sanchez. It was more complicated for Da Cunha / Flores, Lahoz / Otero or Del Moral / Egea but these pairs will be there for the eighth today. The young Mambrini and Lopez confirmed their rise to power, while the clash between locals turned to the advantage of Rooy / Redelinghuys.

We will deplore two WOs, those of the Moreau/Santellan and Dominguez/Saenz pairs. This therefore means that the Ramos / Restivo and Dip / Gonzalez duos went into the eighth without having to play.

Find all the results of the sixteenth just below:

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