The final phase of the APT Hublot Monaco Masters begins this Tuesday morning with the first round of 16 matches.

20:21 p.m .: Elimination of Scatena!

Stronger, more experienced, the Restivo / Ramos duo won in two sets against Scatena / Mercadal 6-2 6-4. There are no longer any French people competing in this APT Hublot Monaco Master.


19:45 p.m .: The first set for Restivo / Ramos

The Italo-Uruguayan pair, very solid in defense, won the first set against Scat' and Mercadal with a score of 6-2.

19 p.m.: Scat' takes to the track!

Accompanied by Adria Mercadal, Jérémy Scatena entered the tournament. Opposed to Juan Restivo / Diego Ramos, Scat 'and his companion will have a hard time facing the Uruguayo-Italian duo.

The match can be watched live here:

19:02 p.m .: Torre / German without forcing!

At the end of a close match but particularly well managed on their part, the Argentinian pair won against the Dutch Maarsen / Meijer 6-4 6-4.

18:21 p.m .: Torre / German take the lead!

Very solid, the Argentinians started the match perfectly by winning the first set with a score of 6-4.

17:53 p.m .: The Torre / German match vs Maarsen / Meijer to follow on our Youtube channel!

Padel Magazine takes over and offers you a live match to follow directly here.

17:41 p.m .: Vasco / Pascoal at the finish!

After losing the first set quite dryly, the pair composed of Antonio Aragon and Vasco Pascoal finally won after the 3rd set. Final score: 2-6 7-5 6-4

16:08 p.m .: Santana / Saez pocket the first set!

Freshly relocated to the Beausoleil complex, the 100% Spanish pair won the first set 6-2 against the Portuguese-Spanish duo Luque / Pascoal.

15:45 p.m.: Matches relocated to the club

Following the extremely difficult playing conditions mentioned during of the match between Maigret/Tison and Nuno/Migues Deus, the matches resume in the indoor grounds of the club.

14:15 p.m .: Appelgren and Stjern spin in 8th

In a controlled match from start to finish, the Swedes won quite easily with a score of 6-1/6-0 against the Monegasques Jordane Klein and Franck Damar. They therefore qualified for the 8th of this ATP Hublot Monaco Master.

13:22 p.m .: Miguel and Nuno Deus win

In a decisive set full of puntos de oro, the Portuguese proved to be the most solid and won 6/2. It's a big disappointment for the French who had a lot of trouble adapting to a hellish wind.

Jeremy Scatena will try at the end of the afternoon to save French honor in this Hublot Monaco Master 2022.

13 p.m.: The decisive set between Maigret/Tison and the Deus!

After dominating the first set (6/2), Ben and Adrien were surprised in increasingly complicated playing conditions. The Portuguese won the second set to push the match into the third set.

11:42 a.m .: The French are preparing to enter!

To follow the live of the meeting, it happens directly here: PORTHOLE MONACO MASTER R16 – DIA 1 – YouTube

11:33 am: Victory of Da Cunha / Flores in 3 sets!

The Brazilians win 3-6 7-5 6-1 against the pair Mambrini / Lopez who will not have been unworthy, but who may have suffered from a lack of experience against the 15th in the ranking of the Apt.

11:04 a.m .: Da Cunha / Flores snatch a 3rd set

The Argentinians Mambrini and Lopez who led in this 2nd set, even had the opportunity to serve to win the match. But Da Cunha and Flores did not give up and they offered themselves at the end of the suspense this second set.

Apt Hublot Monaco central court 2022

8:45 am: The 1st game

Le inaugural match of the table will be an unprecedented and interesting opposition. The juniors Lautaro Mambrini (n ° 76) and Facundo Lopez (n°60) will be opposed to Lucas Silveira Da Cunha (n ° 15) and Joao Pedro Flores (#15). On paper the Brazilian pair will be the big favorite. An Argentina vs Brazil match to follow from 9:30.

8:38 a.m.: The full program

Today we will find:

9:30 a.m. Lautaro Mambrini / Facundo Lopez vs. Lucas Silveira Da Cunha / Joao Pedro Flores

11 a.m.: Miguel Deus/ Nuno Deus vs. Benjamin Tison/ Adrien

12:30 p.m.: Daniel Appelgren/ Viktor Stjern vs. Jordane Klein/ Frank Damar

15 p.m.: Aday Santana/ Victor Saenz de Navarrete vs Antonio Luque Aragon/ Vasco Pascoal

16:30 p.m .: Agustin Torre / Adrian Allemandi vs Uriel Maarsen / Bram Meijer

18 p.m.: Jeremy Scatena/Adria Mercadal vs. Juan Restivo/Diego Ramos

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