Following this APT Hublot Monaco Master, with on the program today all the quarter-finals to follow on Padel Magazine.

20:17 p.m .: Windahl / Gutierrez release the APT n°1

We were promised a titanic match, we got it. Well almost. The Windahl/Gutierrez pair, which appeared for the first time on the APT, faced the leaders of the Maxi Arce/Franco Dal Bianco ranking. In a very, very high level match, it was ultimately the Swede and the Argentine who got the better of their opponents.

Final score: win Windahl Gutierrez 7-6 4-6 6-3

18:02 p.m .: Barrera / Britos on their cloud

Superb performance from the Barrera/Britos pair which confirms its excellent form at the moment by winning in 2 sets against the pair Julianoti / Quiles. A prestigious victory, which, moreover, allows them to reach the final square of this APT Hublot Monaco Master.

Final score: 7-5 6-3 Barrera/Britos

16:50 p.m .: Result of the 1/4 of the women's table

The 1/4 finals are over and we now know all the teams qualified for the final round of this APT Hublot Monaco Master. Match results:

Alja Behram / Baharak Soleymani vs Asa Eriksson/Cornelia Lister: 6-4 6-2

Filipa Mendonca/Caterina Vilela vs. Margarida Fernandes/Cristina Gonzalez : 6-7 7-5 4-6

Erika Zanchetta/Martina Parmigiani vs Marta Gonzalez/Mafalda Fernandes: 6-0 6-6 (game interrupted due to injury)

Mireia Herrada/Maria Rodriguez vs. Cristina Carrascosa/Isabel Dominguez: 7-6 6-1

16:09 p.m.: A masterclass by Chiostri and Alfonso

Victory for the Chiostri/Alfonso pair, and with style! If we mentioned the sulphurous character of the Germani / Torre pair during their victorious quarter-final against Restivo / Ramos, the Chiostri / Alfonso pair was rather noticed by their dead calm and their unfailing composure. Opposite, the Brazilian duo Da Cunha / Flores seemed overwhelmed today and did not find solutions against the Argentinians.

Final score: Victory Chiostri / Alfonso 6-4 6-3 in 1h09 of play.

Stats Chiostri/Alfonso vs Da Cunha/Flores APT Monaco 2022

14:40 p.m .: Allemandi / Torre under high tension!

After a close match, the Germani/Torre pair got out of a possible trap against the Restivo/Ramos pair. They qualify for the semi-finals of this APT Hublot Monaco Master. Final score: Victory Germani/Torre 3-6 6-3 7-6

See the summary of the meeting in the article below:

14 p.m.: Update on the 1/4 Ladies!

We already know 2 of the 4 semi-finalist pairs of this APT Hublot Monaco Master, they areAlja Behram/Baharak Soleymani and Margaridas Fernandes/Cristina Gonzalez. They beat Asa Eriksson/Cornelia Lister (6-4 6-2) and Mendonça/Vilela (7-6 5-7 6-4) respectively.

11:57 a.m .: To follow also the live of the 1/4 final Gentlemen

Find the link to follow live the meetings of the men's table, right here:

11:23 p.m.: Afternoon program

After the girls at the opening, it will be the turn of the men's draw to enter the arena. The matches take place on the center court from 12 p.m.

12 p.m.: Juan Restivo/Diego Ramos vs Agustin Torre/Tito Allemandi

followed by: Lucas Da Cunha/Joao Flores vs Federico Chiostri/Gonzalo Alfonso

followed by: Pablo Barrera/Andres Britos vs Julio Julianoti/Federico Quiles

followed by: Franco Dal Bianco/Maxi Arce vs Daniel Windahl/Cristian Gutierrez

08:30 a.m.: The morning program

After a fairly intense Round of 8, it's time for the Women's quarter-finals which will take place this morning and at the start of the afternoon. Here are the posters to follow:

9:30 a.m.: Alja Behram/Baharak Soleymani vs. Asa Eriksson Krueger/Cornelia Lister

10:45 a.m.: Filipa Mendonca/Caterina Vilela vs Margarida Fernandes/Cristina Gonzalez

12 p.m.: Erika Zanchetta/Martina Parmigiani vs. Marta Gonzalez/Mafalda Fernandes

13:15 p.m.: Mireia Herrada/Maria Eulalia Rodriguez vs. Cristina Carrascosa/Isabel Dominguez

The matches can be watched live right here:

[Friday April 15]

22:03 p.m .: End of the Women's Round of 8

At the end of a breathless and eventful day, the Women's round of 8 gave us their verdict. Here is a summary of the Women's round of XNUMX results of this APT Hublot Monaco:

Alja Behram / Baharak Soleymani vs. Raluca Sandu/Noemi Aguilar: 3-6 6-4 7-5

Asa Erikson Krueger/Cornelia Lister vs Florencia Lucia/Sofia Formigal: 6-2 6-2

Antonette Andersson/Biljana Billie Gajic vs. Erika Zanchetta/Martini Parmigiani : 0-6 7-5 2-6

Pilar Albarran Villalon/Rocio Albarran Villalon vs Marta Gonzales/Mafalda Fernandes : 6-7 7-5 7-5

Filipa Mendonca/Catarina Vilela vs Amanda Girdo/Anna Akerberg: 4-6 6-3 6-2

Margarida Fernandes/Cristina Gonzalez vs Dilara Yutkuran/Kristina Clement: 6-1 6-1

Elodie Invernon/Charlotte Soubrié vs. Mireia Herrada Ruiz/Maria Eulalia Rodriguez : 2-6 6-3 3-6

Vanessa Alonso/Silvia Lopez vs. Cristina Carrascosa/Isabel Dominguez Munaiz : 2-6 4-6

21:31 p.m .: Britos and Barrera show their big arms!

At the end of an improvised night session, the Andres Britos/Pablo Barreda pair won in 3 sets in a very tight match full of twists and turns against Alex Chozas/Tolito Aguirre. From the first set we could feel that we would be entitled to a superb fight which was not going to last an hour. And it didn't miss. It took 3h14 of play for this match to find its winners in this match. And the winners are Britos and Barreda who win 6-7 7-6 7-5

18:07 p.m .: Arce / Dal Bianco at the finish!

At the end of the 3 sets, it was Arce / Dal Bianco who showed what wood they were warming up! The first set was such a formality for Arce and Dal Bianco, that we could say to ourselves that finally this shock of the day was going to be “pschit”. However, Cayetano and Jose Carlos had not given up and surprised the number 1 of the APT in the money-time of the 2nd set. Stung, the Argentinians were simply intractable in the 3rd and pocketed their ticket for the quarterfinals of this APT Hublot Monaco Master.

Stats Arce/Dal Bianco vs Rocafort/Gaspar APT MONACO 2022

Final score: Victory Maxi Arce / Cayetano Rocafort 6-2 4-6 6-0

They will face in the next round the pair Daniel Windahl / Cristian Gutierrez in a match that already smells of powder!

16:20 p.m .: Julianoti / Quiles with an iron fist!

A one-sided match for the Brazilian-Argentinian pair, which held the lead throughout the match. Julianoti and Quiles were simply too strong for their opponents today to be put in danger. Victory on the score of 6-1 6-2 against the Javier Pérez/Simon Vasquez pair. They will face the winners of the meeting between Andres Britos/Pablo Barrera vs Alex Chozas/Leonel Aguirre.

15:30 p.m.: Follow the eighth of the ladies table

Matches to watch live Padel Magazine :





15:13 p.m .: Chiostri / Alfonso had to work!

In a match that looked in their favor on paper, Gonzalo Alfonso and Federico Chiostri battled in three sets against the Swedish pair of Viktor Stjern and Daniel Appelgren, to finally claim victory. They won the match with a score of 6-3 3-6 6-3. They qualify for the round of 8 of this APT Hublot Monaco Master, and will face the Brazilians Lucas Da Cunha/Joao Pedro Flores in the quarter-finals.

14:37 p.m.: Afternoon program

We can follow this afternoon:

15:00 p.m.: Julio Julianoti/Federico Quiles vs. Javier Pérez/Simon Vasquez

16:30 p.m.: Franco Dal Bianco/Maxi Arce vs Cayetano Rocafort/Jose Carlos Gaspar

18 p.m.: Pablo Barrera/Andres Britos vs. Alex Chozas/Leonel Aguirre

The live of these matches scheduled on the Central can be followed here:

13:27 p.m .: Allemandi and Torre turn off Oliveira and Melgratti

Mini earthquake on the Central! In a match announced as a tight opposition that would surely end in the best of 3 sets, the new Germani/Torre pair proved to everyone that they will certainly have to be counted on. If in the first set we were treated to a high-flying fight, which ended in a tie-break, in the second there is simply no match and the Argentinian pair were impartial by not conceding any game. Final score: Victory 7-6 6-0 Germani/Torre

12:08 Windahl/Gutierrez in control!

The Swedish-Argentinian pair won in 2 sets against Del Moral/Egea having delivered an almost perfect score. With a 6-1 6-3 victory, the pair qualified for the quarter-finals of this APT Hublot Monaco Master.

11:36 The second set between Windahl / Gutierrez vs Del Moral / Egea to follow live

11:10 am: The first qualified for the quarters

On the central, the Brazilian pair Lucas Silveira Da Cunha/Joao Pedro Flores won against Antonio Luque and Vasco Pascoal with a score of 6-3 7-6.

At the club, Diego Ramos and Juan Restivo gave us a real recital in a very pleasant match, winning in 2 sets against Miguel Deus and Nuno Deus. Final score: Victory Restivo / Ramos 7-5 6-1

10:32 am: Invernon / Soubrié in the final table!

Very good performance from our blue Charlotte Soubrié and Elodie Invernon who qualified for the round of 6 of this APT Hublot Monaco Master, and officially entered the final table! Victory on the score of 2-6 4-XNUMX against the pair Pando / Mazo.

9:36 a.m.: The matches start at the Central and at the Club

The 8th finals are on!

Find the match between Miguel Deus / Nuno Deus and Juan Restivo / Diego Ramos on the live of Padel Magazine. Also follow the meeting between Antonio Luque / Vasco Pascoal vs Lucas Silveira Da Cunha / Joao Pedro Flores, broadcast by the APT!

All LIVE links can be found in the article below!

8:02 a.m.: The full program for the morning

We will find this morning:

9:30 am: Antonio Luque / Vasco Pascoal vs Lucas Silveira Da Cunha / Joao Pedro Flores (CENTRAL)

9:30 a.m.: Miguel Deus/Nuno Deus vs. Juan Restivo/Diego Ramos (CLUB)

11 a.m.: Agustin Torre/Tito Allemandi vs. Miguel Oliveira/Yann Melgratti (CENTRAL)

11am: Daniel Windahl/Cristian German Gutierrez vs Matias del Moral/Pablo Egea (CLUB)

12:30 p.m.: Daniel Appelgren/Viktor Stjern vs Fedrico Chiostri/Gonzalo Alfonso (CENTRAL)

[Day of Thursday, April 14]

20:48 p.m .: Elimination of Barsotti / Martin at the gates of the final table!

After a big fight, our Blues lost to the Swedish n°1. Led 1 set to 0, the tricolors picked up a round everywhere, before finally losing after a big battle in the 3rd set. Final result: victory of the pair Akerberg / Girdo 6-2 2-6 6-4

19:30 p.m.: Qualification of Chozas / Aguirre in 8th

The Chozas / Aguirre duo had no time to lose in this closing match of the day on Wednesday at the center. Dry victory in 2 sets, with only 3 small games conceded against the Spanish pair Florensa / Quiros. Final score: Victory for Chozas/Aguirre 6-1 6-2

19:15 p.m .: To follow the match of Wendy Barsotti and Melissa Martin against the Swedish N°1 live

18:22 p.m .: Rocafort and Gaspar qualify!

In this duel between Spaniards and Argentines, it is finally the Spanish pair composed of Rocafort and Gaspar who made the law reign on the ground. Victorious in a very tight first set with a score of 7-5, the Spaniards did not miss anything in the second. Victory in 2 sets for Rocafort / Gaspar on the score of 7-5 6-2

17:13 p.m .: Cayetano Rocafort takes to the track!

The match between Cayetano Rocafort/Jose Carlos Gaspar and Juan Pablo Dip Nazar/Matias Gonzalez is about to start.

17:02 p.m .: Pérez and Vasquez win after a decisive tie-break!

In a match with a scenario worthy of a Hollywood film, the Pérez/Vasquez pair won a bitter fight against the Ferreyra-Arganaras duo. Victory in 3 sets for the Swedish-Spanish pair: 2-6 6-3 7-6

16:13 p.m .: Pérez and Vasquez snatch a 3rd set!

More incisive, and taking more initiatives, the Pérez/Vasquez pair seized the 2nd set with authority with a score of 6-3. We will therefore be entitled to a decisive 3rd set in this match.

15:40 p.m .: First set for Ferreyra / Argañaras!

Without forcing, the Argentine pair got the better of the opponents in this first set. They won the first round with a score of 6-2.

15:04 p.m .: The Spanish-Swedish pair enter the track against the Argentines

The matches resume in this APT Hublot Monaco Master! The first game of the afternoon will pit Javier Pérez and Simon Vasquez against Relys Ferreyra and Juan Argañaras. The match takes place on the central court and to follow live directly here:

13:01 p.m .: Julianoti / Untouchable Quiles

Without having to dip into their resources, Julianoti and Quiles took the meeting on their own from the start. Very solid, they won in 2 sets: 6-1 6-3, against Bejarano/Puppo.

12:17 p.m .: Solid like Windahl and Gutierrez!

Windahl and Gutiérrez win against Maxi Sanchez and Cristian Gutierrez, with a score of 6-2 6-2. The Swede and the Argentinian therefore slip into the round of 8.

10:32 am: Del Moral / Egea without pressure!

With an iron fist, the Del Moral/Egea duo perfectly controlled the tempo of the match to win in 2 sets: 6-2 6-2. The Argentines therefore qualify for the 8th of the round of XNUMX.

10:05 am: The set in hand for Del Moral / Egea

The Argentine pair starts with a bang on the central. Despite conditions similar to yesterday morning (a lot of wind), she won the first set without shaking with the score of 6-2.

9:14 am: The 1st game

The kick-off of the day will be launched by Matias del Moral (23rd in the APT) and Pablo Egea (18th in the APT) who will face Ricardo martins (39e) and Pedro Araujo (56th). The Argentinian duo, who are given the favourite, will still have to be wary of the 100% Portuguese pair who hope to have their say in this match.

8:57 a.m.: The full program for Wednesday

Today we will find:

9:30 a.m.: Matias Del Moral/Pablo Egea vs. Ricardo Martins/Pedro Araujo

11 a.m.: Maximiliano Sanchez/Cristian Gutierrez vs. Daniel Windahl/Cristian German Gutierrez

12:30 p.m.: Julio Julianotti/Federico Quiles vs. Luciano Puppo/Amilcar Bejarano

15 p.m.: Javier Perez Morillas/Simon Vasquez vs Relis Ferreyra/Juan Manuel Arganaras

16:30 p.m.: Juan Pablo Dip Nazar/Matias Gonzalez vs Cayetano Rocafort/Jose Carlos Gaspar

18 p.m.: Joaquim Florensa/David Quiros vs. Alex Chozas/Leonel Aguirre

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