Poster of the final du Hublot Master of the APT Padel Tour is very beautiful. A new pair, formed by the Brazilian maestro Julio Julianoti and the spanish nasty Cayetano Rocafort, challenge the excellent young Argentines Franco Dal Bianco et Maxi Maple.

As the n ° 1 said Chiostri / Alfonso on the APT Instagram account Padel Tour, the Argentines seem slightly favored. They have been playing very well lately, and their exemplary chemistry on the court will no doubt be a big advantage.

dal bianco arce celebration monaco master

On the other side of the net on this magnificent Monte-Carlo Casino, a new pair that few experts saw succeeding so quickly. Indeed, the usual teammate of Julio Julianoti -Stefano Flores- is injured, and it is Cayetano Rocafort, free at that moment, replaces him at short notice.

An association that seems to be made by default, but which gradually finds a certain balance. Yesterday they beat Chiostri / Alfonso in straight sets. Although the n ° 1 were very affected physically, it remains a good performance.

julianoti rocafort master monaco

The start of the match is scheduled for 16h, with a possible delay due to the gusts of winds which hit the Principality at the beginning of the afternoon.

Lorenzo Lecci López

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