APT Oeiras Open - Double dose for Saturday

Nice play on the central to Oeiras ! At the end of a long day of padel, the organization has decided to offer us a “super Saturday”: we will have the half in the morning, and the finals in the afternoon.

Scat and Willy didn't

Jeremy Scatena and Willy Lahoz were unable to advance to the semi-finals. Very good at times, the French and the Spanish were too inconstant to interfere Oliveira / Melgratti.

Miguel and Yain made their consistency reign to easily win the match. 6/4 6/1

Tolito / Popovich, a flammable combination

Tolito Aguirre is on fire at the start of the game. Its bursts and the solidity of Mati Popovich allow the pair to quickly break, then save 3 break points to take a real option on set 4/1.

Tolito's talent is overflowing. On a par 3 outing in the catalog, the Argentine who resides in Mexico puts the ball back into the opposing net and finishes his race in front of his young son. He throws a “vamos”From his guts that could have scared the eleven month old, but he laughed. First set in pocket 6/2.

“Vamos a levantar” -we will go back up- keep saying Maxi Maple to his teammate, but Mati Popovich is also doing it. When Mati and Tolito play like this, they can beat all pairs of the APT. They won the second set in the tie-break and offered themselves a semi-final.

Chiostri / Alfonso in suffering

How hard it was for the n ° 1! After winning the first set easily (6/1), everyone expected a ballad ... But with Chiostri and Alfonso, there is always drama. Da Cunha and Flores surprise the Argentines in the second set by seizing their chance.

The third set is a beauty of padel. Chiostri and Alfonso make the break twice, but the Brazilians do not give up and come back to 4/4. In Money Time, Argentines are always present. They conclude in 3 sets. Federico Chiostri reassured about his physical condition: a small bandage, but no apparent signs of pain.

Bejarano / Schaefer, the beautiful perf '

Argentinian and Portuguese continue their journey without making too much noise. Against Paraguayans Castañeyras and Abud, this beautiful pair secured the victory in straight sets. 7/6 6/3

For the ladies, new faces in the semi-finals

We will have two great oppositions to follow on the Youtube channel of Padel Magazine. At 9:30 am, the n ° 1 Mendonça / Vilela facing Garcia / BritesFollowed by Carrascosa / Derbis against Borrero / Schuck.

See you tomorrow for the semi-finals ... and the finals. Indeed, rain is forecast for Sunday, and the organization prefers ensure the shot by playing every game on Saturday.

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Lorenzo Lecci Lopez