The Director General of the APT Padel Tour, Thomas Johansson, a announced a very strong increase prize money, for both men and women.

This is very important information for professional players all over the world. APT Padel Tour has decided to greatly increase its “prize-money” from 2022. Thus, among the men, the Open will distribute 90.000 euros in prize money instead of 35.000, the Master 110.000 instead of 60.000, and the Grand Master 140.000 instead of 100.000!

In addition, at least 14 tournaments, distributed 10 countries! De what will allow players from many regions to try their luck on the APT!

To see all the prize-money planned for men and women, it's just below:

2022 APT prize money increase Padel Tour

APT will therefore distribute more money what the WPT gives for men this year! Indeed, currently 101 000 euros are to be distributed over the Masters in men, 92 out of Open, and 105 during the Final Master.

Above all, we notice that this difference is made at the level of the first laps. This could clearly encourage players in the previas and the first rounds of the main draws to change circuits. Will the WPT replicate to avoid losing some of its elements?

Whatever happens, all of this is very good news for professional players, who will have more possibilities to make a living from their passion! A chance also for the spectators who will be able to see increasingly trained players and therefore a higher level everywhere!

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