The 2022 season of theAPT Padel Tour begins in a few weeks in Paraguay. This year promises to be historic because of the number of Visited countries, but also by the amounts of the prize-money.

The prize-money flies away

Thomas Johansson announced it, and it is now a reality. Rewards for players

will increase considerably for this new season.

The biggest evolution concerns the Open tournaments, with an increase of 300% compared to 2021. If last season 28 dollars/euros were distributed in each of the Open tournaments, this year it will be 000 dollars/euros, and each member of the winning pair will go from 90 to 000 dollars/euros!

the APT Padel Tour will provide free accommodation to all main draw players on tournaments. For the first time, prizes are also introduced for qualifying players.

Find detailed rewards for players below.

Denser tables

So far, the 8 seeds have entered the competition in the round of 4. The new rules establish that only the 28 best pairs of the tournament will be exempted from the round of XNUMX. From now on, only XNUMX pairs will take part in the Masters and Open tables.

Seeded pairs who are bye bye to the first round but lose when entering the match will not receive the points corresponding to a loss in the Round of 135, but the points they would receive for a loss in the first round (instead of receive 68 points, they will receive XNUMX points).

The exception will be during the Grand Master, where all seeds will have to start fighting for victory from the 32nd finals. This Grand Master will distribute points for the first time this season.

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