Monte Carlo International Sports which manages the entire organization of the APT tournaments Padel Tour 2021 sees its mission become more complex with the current health crisis.

APT Padel Tour 2021: 18 tournaments played in 12 different countries!

Health crisis obliges, the Argentinian Open takes an unexpected turn for Diego Bossa, the Argentinian organizer, who sees himself in the obligation to make some changes so that the tournament can take place in Argentina against the backdrop of COVID 19. He explains:

  • “The possibilities of doing it in San Francisco (Argentina) are complicated, because the Superdome is used as a vaccination center and there is no other place with these dimensions, which have its height and length, especially more for a video retransmission… As with the protocol in force there will be little or no audience, the streaming will be the model selected to broadcast this tournament…
  • We wanted to speak with the Mayor to find an alternative solution and that the tournament could go well here but we didn't have an answer… Considering that, we had to look for new alternatives, then thought of two other cities: Carlos Paz and Córdoba… ”

Rearrange so you don't have to cancel

Diego Bossa therefore had to revise his plans to be able to continue to hope to see the ATP tournament Padel Tour take place in his country. The tournament will therefore not take place in San Francisco but certainly in Cordoba.. He expresses himself a little more on the subject:

  • “… The only thing we wanted to show was the popular fervor present in Argentina, but with no response from our city, we have no choice but to relocate the Argentine Open. The date will be from May 3 to 9 and I hope that our municipality will support us so that this tournament takes place in our city in 2022… ”

A necessarily bitter taste for Diego Bossa who wanted things to be able to unfold normally but voila, COVID 19 decided otherwise.



Sylvain Barnet

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