Let's go for the quarter-finals of the first APT tournament Padel Tour of the 2021 season: the Asuncion Open, games start at 11 a.m. local time!

A day marked by surprises

The day of the knockout stages of the Asuncion Open, which was able to unfold normally despite the heavy rains that fell in the Paraguayan capital, offered us its share of surprises ! The elimination of the seed number 1 Aguirre / Ozan of course, but also those of seeded 6, 7 and 8 !

Today we will therefore be entitled to a completely new quarter-final today, between Zarhi / Lehyt, the tombeurs of Aguirre / Ozan, and Bejarano / Torre, who arranged in two sets the seeded 7, Flores / Militos: 6/2 7/6!

Some favorites have still ensured

APT Flores Julianoti

In this festival of surprises, some favorites have all the same ensured, this is the case in particular of the Brazilians. Stefano Flores and Julio Julianoti, seeded 2, who, for their entry in the running, easily disposed of Relis Ferreyra and Lukas Klaus (6/3 6/1). End of the adventure therefore for the Scatena / Icardo scorers, who were certainly tired by the marathon they had to lead earlier in the day against the Spaniards Diego Pascual and Pedro Montalban (6/3 6/7 7/6 )!

Against the Brazilians, we will find today Diego González and Martín Abud Kuhner, who eliminated to everyone's surprise Matías Almada and Juan Manuel Argañaras. A 6/2 6/4 victory against the seeded number 6, impressive!

Argentines Pablo Barrera and Pablo Nicolas Egea, seeded 3, also held their place against Luciano Puppo and Emanuel Mandrile (6/2 6/1). They will have a big game to play today against Maximiliano Sanchez and Maximiliano Cejas, who eliminated Matias Del Moral and Santiago Frugoni after a big match yesterday (6/3 4/6 6/4)!

Finally, seeded 4 (Melgratti / Soliverez) and 5 (Chiostri / Alfonso) held their rank and they will face each other today in a match that promises to be magnificent! However, we hope that Melgratti and Soliverez will have recovered from the big game they delivered yesterday (victory 7/5 1/6 6/3 against Arce / Dal Bianco). Chiostri / Alfonso had no trouble getting rid of Duarte / Guerraño: 6/1 6/2!

The quarter-finals program

The quarter-finals are of course all to follow live on the APT YouTube channel Padel Take the Tour.

  • 11h (15 p.m. French time): Barrera / Egea (3) vs Sanchez / Cejas
  • 12h30 (16 p.m. French time): Melgratti / Soliverez (4) vs Chiostri / Alfonso (5)
  • 18h30 (22 p.m. French time): Zarhi / Lehyt vs Bejarano / Torre
  • 20h (midnight French time): Flores / Julianoti (2) vs González / Kuhner



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