Brazilians Stefano Flores and Julio Julianoti won the first APT tournament Padel Tour of 2021: the Asuncion Open, they also take 1st place in the ranking.

Awesome! The favorites of the final of the first tournament of the APT Padel 2021 Tour, the Asuncion Open, literally crushed their opponents, Pablo Barrera and Nicolas Egea. Barely more than 45 minutes was enough to allow the Brazilians to win 6 / 3 6 / 1 ! Admittedly, the Argentines, certainly blunted by their marathon of the day before, will not have played their best padel. But we should congratulate the Brazilian pair who will have shown great strength throughout the meeting.

Julio Julianoti apt padel backhand volley turn

Dominators all week, the new number 1 in the APT ranking will not have lost a set of the tournament. They are entering 2021 in the best possible way. Stefano and Julio will obviously be the favorites of the Paraguay Master, which starts tomorrow, still in Asuncion. They will now be able to enjoy three deserved days of rest, before their first match, which will take place on Thursday!

For those who would like to see or replay the final, it's just below:

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