APT Padel Tower comes from announce it on its website : the Vienna tournament, scheduled for next June, will finally be replaced by Budapest.

This is sad news: the promoter of the APT Padel Tower of Vienna, Ronnie Leitgeb, has died. As he said in a statement, Thomas Johansson is very saddened by the loss of this friend: “We are all very sad that Ronnie is leaving us so soon. I had known him for over 20 years and he was a very good friend and a true gentleman who will be missed by many people”.

Following this tragic event, the tournament, scheduled for June 13 to 19, will finally take place in Budapest. Do not panic for the Austrians who dreamed of seeing the APT players in action, the Vienna edition is postponed to 2023.

Why did you choose Budapest? The former Australian Open winner explains: “Last year the APT Padel Tour organized a Future in Budapest and the players particularly appreciated the very good work done by Peter Kereikes and his team. For us it is a great satisfaction to add Budapest to the 2022 calendar.”

The new APT calendar will be unveiled on April 7.

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