APT Padel Tour Canarias Open, qualification of Torre/Ramos who qualify for their first joint final this season.

Julianoti/Melgratti through a mousehole

Torre / Ramos gets into the game better and makes the first break of the game. The two players keep it until 5/4 40/15 and offer themselves 3 consecutive set points. This is the moment chosen by Julianoti/Melgratti to start moving forward. The Argentine and the Brazilian save those three balls and win the next two games. All they need is a set point to conclude.

Diego Ramos collapsed

Torre and Ramos don't give up

Many teams would have plunged after this very cruel end of the first set. But it is not in the temperament of the Uruguayan and the Argentinian. From the start of the second round they are more precise and put Julianoti and Melgratti in enormous difficulty, who need to breathe. Torre is perfect in this second round and carries his team for a 6 games to 1 without appeal.

Ramos Torre

A crazy third round

Torre and Ramos start better again and break away 5/2 double break. Nobody gives much of the tournament of Melgratti and Julianoti but as since the beginning of the tournament they cling until the end and find themselves at 5/4 40/40 punto de oro. A small point to equalize they end up letting go and their tournament is over.

Torre Ramos 2
Mario Cordero

Mario Cordero is a fine technician of the team. He observes, he analyzes, he returns to themes to bring his expertise. Complete, the man is as in the field!