The first edition of the APT Padel Tour Belgium Open ended this weekend. It took place in a place that lived up to the ambitions of padel in the world: a classified site, the Caserne Fonck. It was also the first professional tournament in Belgium.

Following a first edition which was a success on all fronts, the organizers are already looking towards 2022. Thomas Johansson, Manager of the APT Padel Tour, wishes to continue to develop and professionalize this sport.


We know the growth of padel in France, but also abroad. This is why the APT Padel Tour takes place on several continents.

On the first edition, all that was missing was the public for it to be a success on all fronts. In this sense, the organizer of the Belgium Open, Samuel Hertay, is already turning to other activities around the padel, in order to bring the public to the tournament venue, so that people can discover this activity. This will contribute to the development of padel in the flat country, one of the most dynamic at European level!


source: RTC

Alexis Dutour

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