Tough day for the seeds in the Round of 1 of the APT Padel Lisboa Open Tour since 4 of them will not be there for the quarterfinals!

Bye bye seeds 2, 4, 6 and 7! This is how we could sum up the day of the knockout stages of the APT Padel Lisboa Open Tower. If the seeded 4, Rocafort / Oliveira, forfeited, the others were indeed beaten on the court!

The good news is of course that in a rainy day, the organization managed to get all the matches played!

The South Americans dominated the day overall, notably with victories for Bejarano / Almaro against Pascual / Rocha, and for Flores / Julianoti against Scatena / Tison. At home, the Portuguese defended their skin dearly! Witness the victories of Deus / Deus against Soliverez / Melgratti and of Schaefer / Lahoz against Cejas / Blasco! The 100% Argentinian clash between TS2 Barrera / Egea and Del Moral Frugoni turned to the advantage of the latter who passed a 6/0 to their opponents in the third and last round!

In the end, we will have 8 Argentines, 4 Brazilians, 3 Portuguese, and 1 Spaniard in the quarter-finals, with very attractive posters:

  •  Flores / Julianoti (TS3) vs Deus / Deus - 12h00
  •  Del Moral / Frugoni vs Lahoz / Schaefer - to be continued
  •  Alfonso / Chiostri (TS1) vs Arce / Dal Bianco (TS5) - 18:00 p.m.
  •  Almada / Bejarano vs Flores / Da Cunha - to follow

For those who would like to take a look at the table, it is HERE !

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