Let's go for the semi-finals at the Lisboa Open of the APT Padel Tour 2021. Meetings begin at 12:00 am live on the competition channel!

What a day of quarter-finals! These are mostly very close encounters that we were able to attend yesterday on the APT Padel Lisboa Open Tower.

Suspense in quarters!

In the first meeting, the still very strong Stefano Flores and Julio Julianoti did not tremble against the impressive local pair Deus / Deus. A victory 6 / 4 6 / 4 for the Brazilians who still have not lost a set in this competition!

Then it was a totally crazy game that we could see on the central track. A fight of titans, with two pairs who did not want to leave each other. In this match could not be more tight, it was finally the Argentines Del Moral and Frugoni who ended up abdicating against the veteran Spanish Willy Lahoz and at the local Diogo Schaefer. The now last representatives of Europe will be at the rendezvous of the semi-finals thanks to their victory 6/ 7/6 7/6 !

Heckled in the first set by their compatriots Arce and Dal Bianco, the numbers 1 Chiostri and Alfonso took place in the second round to finally win 7 / 5 6 / 1. Si the seeds suffered during this tournament, the favorites are still there, with another victory in straight sets!

Finally, a last match in three sets and a new suspenseful ending to end this superb day at the Lisboa Open. Indeed, in the last quarter-final, they are Da Cunha and Flores who overcame Almada / Bejarano 4/6 6/3 7/6 ! So there will be two Brazilian pairs today in the semi-finals!

The semi-finals program

Start of the semi-finals today at noon, with first the clash between the seed number 3 Flores / Julianoti and the European pair Lahoz / Schaefer. After their fight yesterday, will the legend Willy and the local Diogo manage to overthrow the Brazilian mountain?

The second semi-final will be held following. It will oppose the number 1 pair of the APT ranking: Alfonso / Chiostri to the Brazilian sensation of this tournament: Flores / Da Cunha !

The semi-finals will be followed on the APT YouTube channel Padel Tour.


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