The round of XNUMX of the APT Padel Portugal Master Tour were going on today and we saw some big games. Check out the quarterback posters.

The Portuguese in force!

At home, the Portuguese almost made a flawless performance today in Lisbon! The performance of the day goes to Vasco Pascoal and Diogo Rocha who dominated the seeded 7, Melgratti / Soliverez at the end of the suspense: 4/6 6/3 6/3! Marc Bernils and Ricardo Martins also faced strong seeded 6 Cejas / Sanchez with a straight set victory (6/2 7/6). Cayetano Rocafort and Ricardo Oliveira, seeded 4, have them respected their status against Quiles / Popovich (6/2 5/7 6/2)!

The other favorites also upheld their status, with straight set wins for Chiostri / Alfonso facing Scatena / Tison (6/3 6/0), for Flores / Julianoti facing Puppo / Rolla (6/1 6/3), and for Barrera / Egea facing Maarsen / Meijer (6/1 6/4)!

The clash between Argentines was won by Del Moral / Frugoni facing Almada / Bejarano 6/3 1/6 6/3. Finally, led 4/6 0/3, Diogo Schaefer and Willy Lahoz were forced to forfeit against Arce / Dal Bianco due to the veteran's injury.

The men's quarter program

Tomorrow, we will see high level quarterbacks on the central pitch!

  • Barrera / Egea (TS2) vs Bernils / Martins: late morning
  • Arce / Dal Bianco (TS5) vs Oliveira / Rocafort (TS4): 16:00 p.m.
  • Flores / Julianoti (TS3) vs Del Moral / Frugoni: to be continued
  • Alfonso / Chiostri (TS1) vs Pascoal / Rocha: to be continued

Among girls, the top seeds in force

For this first APT Padel Women's round, the seeds 1,2 and 3 had easy victories. The seeded 4 Conde / Gaspar, on the other hand, followed the law of Fernandes / Villalon.

The shift schedule:

  • Brites / Ribeiro (TS1) vs Formigal / Gasull: 09:30 am (Central)
  • Mendonça / Castro (TS2) vs Peral / Sanchez: to be continued (Central)
  • Machado / Rodrigues (TS3) vs Camacho / Garcia: 11h00 (Club)
  • Fernandes / Villalon vs Nunes / Sanchez: 12:30 p.m. (Club)


To find the tables:

Ladies' Table

Men's Table

To follow the matches live, it's just below:


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