It was a very intense morning at Club Rio Grande in Seville. The end of eighths, and the start of the quarterfinals of the men's table, and the women's quarterfinals delighted more and more spectators.

Chiostri / Alfonso and Rocafort / Julianoti will have to overtake

Ricardo Martins and Marc Bernils were very close to hurting the No.1s. The Catalan and the Portuguese were unable to convert 4 set points, and the pair exploded in midair. A very heated conversation on the bench which shows that this pair will not have been sufficiently welded to hurt Chiostri / Alfonso. 6/3 7/6

bernils angry martins apt seville

Earlier in the morning, Julio Julianoti and Cayetano Rocafort had confirmed their great form of the moment by dismissing Maxi Sanchéz and Christian Gutierrez in 2 sets. 7/5 6/3

Oliveira / Melgratti already in the semi-finals

The Portuguese and the Argentine are playing better and better. The winners of the Oeiras Open pass the Soliverez / Quiles test by dropping a set, but being very comfortable in hot times. 6/4 3/6 6/0

oliveira apt seville acrobatic

The program ofafternoon

16 p.m .: Bejarano / Almada vs Arce / Dal Bianco

2nd: Rocafort / Julianoti vs Britos / Torre

3rd: Chiostri / Alfonso vs Barrera / Egea

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