The first tournament of the APT Padel Tour in September takes place in the city of Budapest. The "Padel Club Hungary ”will host the Future 1000, a competition that brings together 31 pairs and 14 different nationalities!

New participants in the APT Padel Tour

The start of the European tour in September is in Hungary, with this Future 1000 and its prize money of 10 euros. Faithful to its international side, this APT will pit nationals from 000 countries: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, France, Hungary, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Tunisia and Uruguay.

future 1000 hungria

Results of previas

The tournament previas took place yesterday, with several local pairs. The results were as follows:

First round :

-Tomislav Margeta / Nikola Pavlicevic - Alaeddine Bourara / Jorge F. Méndez-Rodriguez: WO

-Felipe Feijoo Palacios / Abel Sellei - Peter Kerekes / Cristian del Re: 4-6 / 1-6

-Kósa Gabor / Molnar Kristof - Josep Aymerich Bellemunt / Jaume Pons Casanueva: 0-6 / 0-6

-Sale Nandori / Zoltan Czingraber - Filip Kratochvila / Branislav Strapek: 4-6 / 6-3 / 5-7

-Peter Pákay / Levente Barátosi - Aba Schatz / Attila Baga: 6-2 / 6-4

-Stefan Stanko / Julius Strapek - Gabor Borsos / Laszlo Imre: 6-4 / 4-6 / 2-6

Second turn :

- Josep Aymerich Bellemunt / Jaume Pons Casanueva - Christian Ludwing / Martin Schmidt: WO

- Peter Pákay / Levente Barátosi - Tomislav Margeta / Nikola Pavlicevic: 4-6 / 5-7

- Gabor Borsos / Laszlo Imre - Peter Kerekes / Cristian del Re: 6-2 / 7-6

The three pairs in bold just above are therefore qualified for the main draw. There remains one match to play in previas, it takes place this morning at 09:00 am and opposes Manuel Fernandez Diaz/Jacobo Blanco From Miguel to Filip Kratochvila / Branislav Strapek.

Start of the main draw today

Jeremy Scatena rage APT Padel Tour

Today, Thursday, from 10:30 a.m., the round of XNUMX will be played, followed by the round of XNUMX. Three French will be present in the main draw and they all start in the eighth.

Jeremy Scatena, the first French to win an APT title, and the Argentinian Almicar Bejarano, seeded 2, will play around 14:30 p.m.

The totally new 100% tricolor pair, composed of Jérôme Inzerillo and Jean Thomas Peyrou, seeded 8, will start at 13 p.m.

Colombians love it padel ! So yes, we are not the best, but the main thing is to participate. You understood it, I am the chico who comes from Bogota and I intend to mark the padel of my imprint with Padel Magazine.