During our stay in Sweden, we interviewed the young and up-and-coming padel Portuguese Pedro Araújo. Let's find out who is behind this talented APT player Padel Tour.

The interview was conducted just before Kungsbacka Open I which ended yesterday Sunday July 18, 2021.

Santiago Plazas: Who is Pedro Araújo?

Pedro Araújo: He is a boy passionate about sport and especially padel, which is why I play professionally. I am also passionate about competitions, the sensations that go with them, training and discovering new cultures.

Santiago Plazas: How long have you been playing padel ?

Pedro Araújo: Since I was 16, and I am now 21… Until then I played tennis. I started when I was 4 years old! Since I made the change the feelings are rather favorable, the feelings on the court give me a lot of pleasure I feel like having fun more and more.

Santiago Plazas: You are one of the youngest players on the circuit. Do you think this has an influence on the way you play?

Pedro Araújo: Yes it's clear, there are plenty of players on the circuit who have as many years of experience as I have so I can feel a difference… but this youth also has a good influence in my style of play. youth brings me to my partner a physical advantage, and time to learn.

Faze-Araújo APT Sweden 2021
Faze and Araújo after his victory

Santiago Plazas: What are your expectations for this Open in Sweden?

Pedro Araújo: My expectations are linked to results. If I feel in great shape, I aspire to win as many matches as possible… In addition, we are in Sweden, a country that I am discovering. It is the first time that I take part in a competition far from Spain or Portugal. It's a great experience for me.

Santiago Plazas: Soon the FEPA European Championship will take place. Do you see yourself taking part in it?

Pedro Araújo: First you have to be selected. I am working a lot to get there and I hope to be there. I believe that I am on the right path and I will continue to give my best to be successful.

Santiago Plazas: If you could say something to Pedro Araújo from 5 years ago, what advice would you give him?

Pedro Araújo: To continue and persevere ... I would have liked to start playing padel sooner… Spanish or South American players have additional experience which is gained over time.

Santiago Plazas: How do you see yourself in five years?

Pedro Araújo: I hope to achieve my best performance. Play with the best in the world and compete in the finals a lot!

To see the whole interview, in Spanish, it's just below:


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