Uriël Maarsen and Bram Meijer have qualified for the knockout stages of the Portugal Master in Lisbon. The two Dutch delivered an excellent copy to gain the upper hand on Da Cunha / Flores.

After a first set dominated by the Brazilians (6/4), Maarsen and Meijer have been able to return to the court with other intentions. The work of their coach on the bench was undoubtedly crucial in launching the remontada.

Uriël Maarsen and Bram Meijer take place in the second set with their power reigning. (6/1)

The third set is hotly contested with both pairs playing at a very good level. The Dutch make the break in the 6th game, and remain solid in service.

“We came back very strong after losing the first set. It is very important for us to have our coach. It really helped us get back into the game. ”

One thing is certain: we will have to rely on the Dutch in Marbella at the European Championships.


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