Filipa Mendonça and Catarina Vilela won the first women's event of theAPT Padel tour. Portuguese women beat their compatriots Katia Rodrigues and Helena Machado in 3 contested sets. 6/3 4/6 6/4

Mendonça and Vilela as patrons

From the first game of this final, we note that the forces are very balanced. The first golden point falls on the side of Katia Rodrigues and Helena Machado who retain their service.

Both pairs win their service games, but a little superiority seems to emerge from the Mendonca / Vilela. Superiority is confirmed in the fifth game, when Filipa Mendonça and Catarina Vilela manage to make the first break of the match.

Strong in service, Portuguese do not concede a break point. On the opposing service, Vilela / Mendoça offers himself a possibility of concluding the set on punto de oro, and does it! 6/3

Rodrigues / Machado's resilience

Katia Rodrigues and Helena Machado are not the type to give up. They enter the second set with more motivation than ever. They get 3 entry break points and make the difference on the golden point. The break is confirmed on the next game.

The match has turned out completely. Mentally affected, Filipa Mendonça and Catarina Vilela can no longer do it. They concede a new station wagon. 3/0

Mendonca / Vilela got back into the match by regaining technical accuracy, but several faults Filipa Mendonça contrast with the very good level of play of his partner Vilela. 5/1

Filipa Mendonça and Catarina Vilela don't want to hear about a third set. They save 3 set points and get a first break. 5/4

Katia Rodrigues and Helena Machado remain strong on the next service play to tie 1 set everywhere and start the remontada ! 6/4

Catarina Vilela, in hypoglycemia, requests medical time out.

The endless showdown

Catarina Vilela reassures everyone in the first exchanges of the third set. She wins her service game.

The level of play has clearly gone up a notch in this decisive set. The four players show their best version, giving us a very pleasant spectacle.

Mendonca / Vilela wins a decisive punto de oro. She takes the break, but Rodrigues / Machado reacts immediately to pick up. 4/3

The two pairs cannot be separated. When one makes a difference, the other instantly returns. The tie-break seems inevitable. 5/4

Filipa Mendonça and Catarina Vilela decide otherwise. They give each other a match point and convert it! Portuguese win the APT Portuguese Masters Padel Tower ! The first tournament of the women's circuit of the international circuit!

Mendonça: “We are very happy. We will try to go to Sweden, because this circuit is magnificent! ”

Vilela: “I felt bad physically after the second set, but I wanted the win so badly that I was able to push myself to play the third set.”

To follow, the long-awaited final between Arce / Dal Bianco and Julianoti / Flores. You can follow this match from 15 p.m. French time on the APT streaming Padel Tour.

Lorenzo Lecci López

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