An emotionally charged Friday on theAPT Sevilla Open. After a rich morning, the spectators of the Rio Grande Club lived great moments, especially during the victory of Britos / Torre.

Britos / Torre, the tears of the padel

Britos / Torre's start to the match is supersonic. The Italian-Argentinian leaves the balls by 4 backhand, and Cayetano Rocafort gets annoyed. According to the naturalized Swedish Spaniard, Argentines celebrate too much the points gained.

But the reality is that Rocafort and Julianoti are frustrated. They didn't expect to be so roughed up. Britos sets fire to this central court, as usual. 6/3

The winners of the Monaco Master are completely overwhelmed by the Britos / Torre show. The two compatriots are completely in the place and give a recital of padel. Trips galore, blows in the back, delicious cushioning by the door… The more the match goes by, the more the 3 people in the stands become fans of Andres and Agustin.

britos fabrice pastor apt sevilla

But Cayetano and Julio have something to do with it! They enter the fight by regaining regularity. The set is undecided, and the two pairs need a tie-break to decide. In the tie-break, Britos / Torre implodes. 7/6

In the 3rd set, the magic seems to have disappeared. Rocafort and Julianoti regain the upper hand, but after the longest point of the tournament, the Argentines once again set the stands on fire.

The two pairs trade breaks in a completely crazy match. Andrés Britos and Agustin Torre seize their chance and qualify for the semi-finals. The Argentines are in tears. 6/4

Dal Bianco / Arce, solid as a rock

Maxi Arce and Franco Dal Bianco control the start of the meeting. Superior in the hierarchy, the two Argentines leave no chance to their compatriots. Even when they think they have postponed the point, Miky Bejarano and Mati Almada see Maxi and Franco forcing them to play the extra shot. 6/1

The second set is similar. The only difference is that Bejarano and Almada manage to score a few defining points that allow them to score more games. The superiority remains very clear. Arce / Dal Bianco is again in the semi-finals. 6/4

Chiostri / Alfonsoobviously

The first games of the match confirm what we could foresee. Barrera / Egea's style of play isn't the one that bothers No.1s. The Pablos miss nothing, but fail to make the difference.

Gonzalo and Fede are the protagonists. Alfonso concludes the set with an exit by 3! 6/3

The many spectators present want the show to last, and side with Pablo Egea and Barrera. The latter take the opportunity to break the No. 1 and praise the crowd.

But Chiostri / Alfonso has something to do with it. When the going gets tough, this is where they get tough.

Saturday's program

The two women's semi-finals (morning) will be followed by the two men's semi-finals (afternoon).

Women :

  • 10am: Marta BORRERO / Mireia HERRADA vs Magdalena PÉREZ / Alba PÉREZ
  • 11:30 am: Cristina CARRASCOSA / Marta ARELLANO vs Filipa MENDONÇA / Catarina VILELA


  • 17 p.m .: Maxi ARCE / Franco DAL BIANCO vs Miguel OLIVEIRA / Yain MELGRATTI
  • 18 p.m .: Agustin TORRE / Andrés BRITOS vs Gonzalo ALFONSO / Fede CHIOSTRI
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