In Narbonne, a club of padel launched an operation to support an association for the families of cancer victims: the Guinguette à Jojo. A tournament with 24 players over 24 hours, non-stop!

Indeed, the Arena Padel Club de Narbonne has started its “24h de padel”Around 14pm. And it didn't stop until the same time the next day.

24h from padel Agents Padel Club La Guinguette in Jojo

The goal was to financially support the association La Guinguette de Jojo which helps families of cancer victims. A very important action as cancer affects many families every year.

The challenge was taken up by all the participants and the organizers. Despite a sleepless night and more than 10 hours of play for some (with a record of 14 hours for a player!), The contract was 100% fulfilled.

The Area Padel club is a regular at 24h from padel, and we prove it once again with this very successful event!


source: Facebook Association La Guinguette à JoJo

Alexis Dutour

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