After his exhibition with Sylvain Wiltord, Benjamin Tison and Cyril Hanouna (won 6/1 6/4 by the Hanouna/Tison pair) as a curtain raiser to the final of the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major, Arnaud Clément goes to the microphone of Padel Magazine.

Padel and tennis very complementary

Franck Binisti: “Here we are on the central track and not just any track, that of Philippe-Chatrier where you used to play tennis and now here you are at padel, will there be more like this?”

Arnaud Clement: “For me, I don't know, but here there will be more and more of them! I was afraid that the land of padel a little small in the middle of the Chatrier but in the end it is very well proportioned and it was a great moment for us between friends.”

Wiltord Clément exhibition seated chair 2022 Roland Garros

Franck Binisti: "Well proportioned and the fans responded!"

Arnaud Clement: “There were a few people, in addition to a mythical stadium for French tennis and for the whole of France so it was really very nice”

Franck Binisti: “Let's talk a bit about your background, could we anticipate this explosion of padel ? "

Arnaud Clement: “I have been playing for five years and some, including you, had imagined this explosion I believe! I hadn't thought of it, but I experienced it. I started playing and I enjoyed it, then I wanted to start again, to play again the next day then the day after and even if I still like playing tennis, I believe that the two sports are very complementary. Even if I play a little less at the moment, the padel the more you play, the more you want to play again.

Soon a weekend padel with Arnaud Di Pasquale?

Franck Binisti: “Not long ago, we saw you a lot with your partner of heart Arnaud Di Pasquale. People want to see you again on the slopes, will that happen soon?

Arnaud Clement: “Yes why not if we have the time and if our physique allows it because we both had problems. We still love playing together and why not have a nice weekend together soon”.

di pasquale clement roland garros padel

Franck Binisti: “And why not the regional phases or even the French championships?”

Arnaud Clement: “It would be great, you know I love the regional phases and the qualifications but at the national level the level is now very strong so it would be very hard to qualify. It could be a very nice challenge for next year!”

Franck Binisti: “Well, it's noted for next year the challenge of seeing the Arnauds in the regional qualifications! Thank you Arnaud!”

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