Arnaud Laudebat, amateur player of the P25 of the second stage of the Cupra Padel Tour 2024, which took place at Padel Factory, gives us his impressions.

“I took my license at Padel Factory, two or three weeks ago to make the P25. Otherwise, I play here occasionally during the week, usually on Tuesday evenings. The reason for my participation in the tournament is that my cousin wanted us to participate in a tournament together in P25, and he told me about the Cupra Padel Round. Since I was available, we did it together. 

In terms of tournament results, it wasn't great for us. We played three group games, we lost the first and the second, but we still won the third…

Honestly, the event in general is super nice, it was a great day I think!”
Dorian Massy

New follower of padel, I am fascinated by this dynamic sport which combines strategy and agility. I find in the padel a new passion to explore and share with you on Padel Magazine.